What Is a UOOOSECURE Smart Alarm System?


In the past, consumers did not have access to technology that let them manage their own home security systems. Smart alarm systems changed that. Originally, traditional security systems were hardwired into the home and monitored by a central station, usually a home alarm company. The customer paid monthly fees.

Fast forward and today, consumers have smartphones, home networks and wireless technology—all of which the smart alarm system can utilize. People can buy door sensors to detect if someone is outside or door locks that can be monitored and potentially controlled from one's cell phone. In essence, smart alarm systems may be able to empower the customer to build their own network of security while retaining control, through their mobile phones

Smart alarm systems can be cheaper because customers avoid paying someone else to install or monitor them. Because smart alarm systems do not need to involve an alarm monitoring company, the customer can retain control. Many homeowners prefer this level of involvement in monitoring their home security.


With a smart security alarm system, a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet keeps you connected on the go.

Install UOOOSECURE Wireless alarm system you can relocate anytime, easy installation, low maintenance. No hacking or wiring required.

Wireless Alarm System

UOOOSECURE connects to your home Wi-Fi network so you can monitor and control your security devices using your smartphone app. 


The Alarm Startup Kit includes a pair of contact sensors, a motion detector, and a main panel that communicates with these sensors.


You may add additional door, motion, and window sensors to provide coverage for your entire house and build a comprehensive system that includes door locks, auto gate openers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, sirens, smoke, gas detectors, water sensors, and more.

Install UOOOSECURE Wireless alarm system you can relocate anytime, No hacking or wiring required.

Wireless Security Sensor

UOOOSECURE Alarm system can support 100pcs of sensors link up, you just need to connects the panel with WiFi, our APP allow you monitor your house, control your home security anytime, anywhere.

The system support many types of sensor, e.g.. 

  • 360 degree ceiling mount PR motion sensor 

  • 120 degree PIR motion sensor

  • 15 degree PIR motion sensor

  • Wireless pet immunity sensor

  • Wired pet immunity sesor

  • Solar powered pet immunity sensor

  • Vibration sensor

  • Door contact sensor

  • Drawer contact sensor

  • Roller shutter contact sensor

  • Twin beam sensor

  • and more......

Wireless Siren

Worried that your siren is disturbing your neighbours due to false alarm?

Go to the app to disarm your alarm and stop the siren. No hassle, no fuss, no need to hurry home!

The system support many types of siren, eg:-

  • Wireless siren with arm sound c/w power adaptor

  • Wireless siren without arm sound c/w power adaptor

  • Wireless Solar powered siren

Wireless Safety Sensor

This is not an ordinary alarm system. UOOOSECURE is equipped with various advanced safety functions. Link your safety device to the alarm panel to get notified when your loved ones are in distress or require assistance. 


  • SOS panic button

  • Gas leak detection

  • Smoke detection